Philosophy and Mission

Steve Andras, CWS,CSRS

Steve's Mission

Is to help people who are in need of correcting a basement water, moisture or foundation problem. His purpose is to make the process fast and easy while protecting his clients interests.


Steve's philosophy is simple - he believes EVERY basement in the world should be a healthy one. Basements are built over the earth we live on and we need to understand the potential for health risks from a damp / wet neglected basement.

Imagine the day when a healthy basement is a standard and not a luxury.


While Steve works hands on directly with his clients, he has a dedicated staff and network that aids him in helping people throughout the world.


Steve practices a relatively transparent business model, helping people is the core of his practice. Steve will always tell you the truth and will not tolerate working with unethical contractors or people.


Steve will meet or exceed each of his clients goals.  He does not take lightly his commitments.


Quality of service is what has made Steve such a success in business. Everyone knows and respects his long standing reputation in the Waterproofing and Structural Repair Industries.


Steve is a visionary who truly believes that everything is subject to change in the way we solve basement problems. He is always trying to find a better way to help solve people's basement problems.
Steve Andras, CWS, CSRS
25 Sanford Road
Westport, MA 02790

(508) 889-1255
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