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Steve Andras, CWS,CSRS

Background & Business Activities

Steve has been involved in the basement waterproofing industry since 1979 when he started working as a laborer helping carry concrete debris out of basements. Steve founded Pioneer Basement Waterproofing, Inc of Westport, MA in 1984 and Incorporated in 1993.

In 1993 he joined the NAWC and became New England's first NAWC Certified Waterproofing Specialist in 1996. He served on the NAWSRC Board of Directors for many years and helped merged the two industries.

For many years waterproofing contractors and structural repair contractors were doing things that affected the others work. Through the NAWSRC (National Association of Waterproofing & Structural Repair Contractors) these industries communicate and work together. Steve served as President of the NAWSRC during 2000-2002.

In 2005, Steve developed the online website of and saw the potential of the internet.

In 2006 Steve and his team begin work on his greatest invention the GrateDrain System. The GrateDrain along with GrateSump and GrateTrench have changed the way basement drainage is being done. Steve pioneered the idea of closed drainage systems informing his local company in August 2006 that Pioneer Basement would only install closed drainage systems.

In late 2006 Grate Products, LLC was founded to distribute quality basement drainage products and train Authorized Contractors throughout the world as to properly installing them.

Today, Steve continues to help people make their basements healthy. He serves on the Industry & Marketing Advisory Committee of the NAWSRC. With his leadership he is helping create a new an exciting industry which has the potential of improving the quality of life of millions of people - Basement Health.

Finally all the service trades working in the basement environment will be talking and sharing together for the benefit of all consumers. For more information on Basement Health.
Steve Andras
25 Sanford Road
Westport, MA 02790
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