Original Art Work and Signed Limited Edition Prints

Original Art Work and Signed Limited Edition PrintsOriginal Art Work and Signed Limited Edition PrintsOriginal Art Work and Signed Limited Edition Prints

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Steve Andras

Steve Andras

Hi I am Steve Andras and I want to tell you "My Story".

 I started drawing whaling ships at an early age and by the time I was 14 years old I was skilled in the art form of Scrimshaw (hand etching on whale's teeth, elephant ivory and eventually fossilized  mammoth ivory.)  I attended Westport High School in Westport, Massachusetts where I met Bob Rayno my art teacher who had a very positive influence on me. At 14 years old my love for drawing and painting was all I could think of and  I dreamed of the day that I would open an art gallery.

I still remember the hours I spent "scratching for a living" as I often called etching.  I worked as a Scrimshaw Artist for 15 years. My work was featured in many gift shops, jewelry stores and art galleries from Alaska to St John, USVI from 1972 to 1987. I developed a process that allowed me to create "colorized" Scrimshaw that would last longer by meticulously "cross etching" and applying colored ink unlike traditional black and white Scrimshaw.

At the age of 27 years old, I decided to start a basement waterproofing company and over the next 35 years my team and I grew Pioneer Basement Waterproofing, Inc. from Westport, MA into a "best in class" basement waterproofing company. Today, along with my talented team, we are successfully operating a  multi-million dollar business helping tens of thousands of homeowners with their wet and damp basements. This has allowed me to pursue my love of painting once again. Some might ask "Why did you stop painting at 27 years old? It was such stressful job having to "produce" in order to support my family. So at 27 years old I stopped and said to myself I will start again when I no longer "HAVE TO" sell my paintings. So the only time I would get to draw and paint was when my wife and I visited St John, USVI on our vacations. 

My love for painting beautiful scenes on St John USVI started back in 1998 when my wife Dee and I first visited St Thomas and took a day trip to St John. We fell in love with St John and for the last 22 years we have been coming back year after year - Dee would spend hours soaking up the sun while I was privileged to paint some of the most beautiful scenery in the world with no stress or pressure.

 What makes my paintings unique is that I try to emotionally capture a split-second in time and transfer that moment into the heart and mind of those who view the painting. I want them to remember the way they felt when they visited the Island so when they get back home they will remember - The Breeze, The People, The Music, the Smells of St John.  I paint the scenery of St John through the eyes of a tourist yet I have come to know the island and the fine people so well that it has become my second home. I spend 3-6 weeks a year painting on St John VI and the rest of the time in my studio on Lake Tawakoni in Quinlan, Texas. 

You will notice that most of my original paintings are part of my private collection and are not for sale. However, I have had so many friends and fellow tourists like myself who have requested signed limited edition prints. I am happy to say that these prints are now available for sale.

I'm always looking for that  next "special painting" and will consider any request you may have,  like your home, boat, garden or that beautiful view off your balcony.  Simply send me an email with several pictures of what you would like an original painting of and I will give you a quote and a date that I would be able to be onsite to paint your "special painting".

Enjoy this online art gallery of my original art work and limited edition signed prints. 

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Steve Andras

8381 FM 2101 Quinlan, TX 75474

(508) 889-1255 stevea169@me.com




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